Sensing Ankle

I know you are there,

when you scream so loud,

I am paying attention to you,

When the pain starts,

It takes me back to when,

I fell down the stairs at UC

And broke you,

You remind me of all of

The pain from UC,

Somehow all of the trauma

Has gotten held in you,

Now I touch you,

I feel you throbbing with pain,

I feel the tears well up inside of me,

I feel the nightmares and flashbacks

Coming to the surface,

I feel the anger about what happened

That night in the dorm room,

I know there is still pain that I have

To express,

I know there are things

That I still need to talk about,

I know that I have anger from

The police doing nothing,

I know that my life changed forever

On October 17, 1997,

I know there are many

Let tears that need to come out,

You let me know that I need to

Forgive myself for drinking,

I did not ask for what happened,

It’s not my fault what they did to me.

I did not choose any thing that happened

That night,


I have taken time to stay off of you,

I have allowed myself to cry

I have told you that I love you

And hear what you are telling me

Please stop hurting.

I am protecting you now.

I am listening to you now.




Statement on Taking a Knee in NFL

I take a knee along with the NFL players. Yes, I served this country. Yes, I loved this country at one point in time. Yes, I used to believe in what this country stood for. Yes, I have went on three deployments.

I draw the line when:

  1. Candidate Trump mocks disabled reporters
  2. Candidate Trump defends Mike Tyson in an interview in 1992
  3. Candidate Trump says on a bus, “Grab her by her @#$@#.
  4. President has a fit about his crowd size.
  5. President attacks women’s right to choose and wants to tell me/other women what we do with our reproductive organs
  6. President of United States call NFL players Son of Bitches.
  7. President and republican party that goes after women’s rights
  8. President divides this nation
  9. President, Vice President, Senate, House that ignores all of the social justice issues going on in this country
  10. They refuse to listen to me and other survivors of military sexual trauma, university rape, and child sexual abuse that have come forward and tell our truths
  11. Secretary of Education that cares more about protecting rapists and universities that allow rapists to rape
  12. When we have a government that wants to tell women what to do with our bodies but are fine with paying ridiculous amounts of money so men can have a hard on

So I take a knee along with all of the NFL players.  Also, Liberty and Justice for all is a joke. No justice if you are a woman or man that was raped as a child, at university, in the Military. No justice if you are black. No justice if you are a domestic violence survivor. No justice if you are gay. No justice if you are Transgender. No justice if you are a human trafficking survivor. No justice if you are disabled.