Category: Silence

Nia White Belt

On a journey to come back into my body and love my body after being detached and dissociated for a long time by taking Nia white belt and dancing, Learning that it is safe to be in my body To stay in my body To feel different parts of my body, Learning that I can

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  I am a girl that has experienced hatred from men,   I am a girl that  has been told that abuse does Not matter since I am a girl and invisible, I am a girl that has been told that no matter how loud I scream no one is going to hear me. No

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Feeling Unheard

  Feeling unheard, Feeling unseen, Feeling invisible, Feeling disrespected, Feeling that I do not matter, That what I have to say about what happened to me does not matter,   I was at counseling appointment, Therapist looked at me and told me to stop writing my poetry and not to talk about being raped.  

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