Reiki Jin Kei Do

Reiki Jin Kei Do is a healing practice that brings wisdom and compassion into the practice. There were several times while I was laying on my Reiki’s Master that I learned to have compassion for myself.  At times, my legs would shake as I was releasing energy and trauma. There were times when I sobbed and she was just there for me. There were times when I was afraid and I was told I was safe, supported, held and to allow whatever happens to just happened.  Another time, after a session, I got into my car, started driving and ended up having to pull over since I had started to feel stick and vomited. I called my Reiki Master and asked her if this was normal. She told me, I had processed a lot of trauma, emotions, and this was my body’s way of getting rid of what I needed to.


Reiki is life force energy. Reiki has helped to heal me. This is why I choose to become a Reiki Jin Kei Level 1 and 2 Energy Practitioner. I am wanting to give back to others and help other people to heal.  Please email me, call me, face book me, to make time for your Reiki Jin Kei Do healing session

Heart Felt Message From Julie Jewels Smoot


My book tells more then just what happened to me. It’s my healing path. It’s me realizing that I can speak my truth, feel my feelings, express my feelings and heal from everything that has happened to me. It’s me stepping into to coming back into my body. It’s how I have healed and continue to heal. It’s me realizing that I am an empowered Warrior and I not be silenced. It’s me becoming visible and not afraid to be seen for who I am. It’s a book that is meant to be a guide to help survivors, doctor, nurses, nurse practitioners, law enforcement officers, professors, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers.  It’s about me stepping into my purpose and taking all of the pain I feel to help society to understand.



Before I ever got a chance to truly
know you and accept you,
You were ripped away from me,
I became terrified of you,
I dissociated from you and wanted nothing to do with you,
I learned to hate you over and over again,
as you were taken away from me many more times,
I learned that you were not part of my body
and that you did no belong to me,
As I continue on my healing journey,
I am learning just how sacred you are.
I am learning that you are not dirty,
That I do not need to be ashamed or fearful of you,
I am connecting to you and learning how sacred you are,
how magnificent you are,
I am breathing deep into you,
There is nothing that I need to be ashamed or fearful
of any more.
I am healing you,
I am showering you with love and
starting to accept my sexuality,
You are part of me,
You are sacred
We become one,
We become whole.