During the night wake up

Shaking and crying from nightmares,

Feel like they are here and it is happening again

Am feeling terrified, alone, and hurt.

Decide that I need to talk to someone,

Pick up the phone and call crisis line,


The lady on the other end of phone

Asks me to take deep breaths

I start to breathe and start to cry more,

I am getting in touch with the feelings,

Sitting on the floor, I feel my leg shaking,

Then my whole body starts to shake,

And the tears are streaming down my face


Take another breathe and know that I am safe

I start to tell her what has happened to me

She is there and listening to me

She tells me that it is okay to cry

And to keep breathing into the pain,


That feeling is the only way to work through this.

I do not want to breathe into the pain

But I listen to her and trust her

Breathing deeply helps me to stay in my

Body and express the feelings that I need to