Why I Wrote My Book of Healing Poetry

Question I was asked recently:

Why did you write your poetry book?

I started off writing poetry when I was in the Navy. I needed an outlet to get rid of all of the pain I was feeling. I was severely depressed, having constant triggers and flashbacks. I was totally alone in all of the pain and grief that I was feeling. I become suicidal.  I started cutting and burning my arms to deal with the pain.  I was being retaliated against and emotionally abused for reporting I was raped. With encouragement from a friend and therapist, I got a journal and started writing poetry.

Once I was out of the Navy, I started writing more and more. It was during Blue Belt that I discovered how healing writing poetry was and started writing more and more. My therapist that I was seeing encouraged me to write more and more. She saw how it was helping me to get the words out that I could not say yet. She asked me to read some of my poems in sessions. She told me what I was doing was called Write to Heal.

I wrote my poetry for me, to free me from all of the emotions that were stuck inside. I never wrote my book of healing poetry to “keep people stuck in there trauma’s”.  If any thing the writing of my poetry was to free myself from the constant thoughts, replays of what happened to me, and to help me to process what had happened to me.

If one has not been raped, one does not realize that images, triggers, flashbacks occur all of the damn time. What happened to me replays over and over and over again. It’s not that I am “wanting to live in my trauma or keep others stuck in there’s. It’s that what happened will not let go of me. There’s this thing called Write to Heal. That is why I write. I write to feel to heal. I write to speak my truth.

4 Replies to “Why I Wrote My Book of Healing Poetry”

  1. Amen to that. Although I will never be cured of metastatic cancer, writing poetry and my personal essasys heal me in different ways than medicine or psychology. I plan to get started on a book format with a friend who is an artist and will interpret some of my work with hers. If we don’t find a publisher we will self publish as she did with her coloring book called Sue’s Chillax. It’s nerve wracking but I have hope that it will help others as my blog seems to have done. Brave you are!


      1. Thank you for the reference to Create Space. I’d love to hear how you go about marketing the publication and if they provide outlets for your work. Having metastatic cancer leaves a life of questioning of a shattered existence and if there’s a possibility for putting the pieces back together in some assemblage of a life. Incurable disease takes with it not only life, but identity. The person who is now gone is replaced by someone who must learn to live day to day in a new pain body. The spiritual necessity of writing in my case, allows me to question meaning in my existence and the writing itself then becomes my new meaningful contribution. To give my words life and to provide a legacy where there may otherwise be none, gives me the drive to keep going even when my physical health falters.

        Thank you again and I hope to publish in the next year or less, and perhaps Create Space will provide just the right medium to do so.


      2. Createspace is a way to self publish. It does not cost any thing and there is no changing of story to fit what a publishing company wants. Marketing is something that I have found I have to do by myself and what I struggle with the most. I do not have money to pay to a publishing house to market my book. Also, from what I have seen publishing companies charge a fortune to market. I have this blog, YouTube channel. Facebook page, Instagram and google

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