Changing My Blog

The Journey Back to Myself

I orginially started this blog to tell my truth about what happened to me as child, at University of Cincinnati and in the Navy. I am finding that writing about these topics are no longer serving me. I am continuing to go to therapy once a week, doing EMDR and dancing to move the trauma through my body.

It seems more important for me to write about changes that are taking place in my life. I am realizing that healing is possible. I am working through grief. I am finding that somatic movement (Nia, a somatic dance practice) is helping me to move trauma that remains in my body. Also, I am accepting that I will always live with Post Traumatic Stress and that there will be flashbacks, triggers that come up from time to time. I am learning to accept this about myself.

I am wanting to do moreā€¦

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