Changing My Blog

I orginially started this blog to tell my truth about what happened to me as child, at University of Cincinnati and in the Navy. I am finding that writing about these topics are no longer serving me. I am continuing to go to therapy once a week, doing EMDR and dancing to move the trauma through my body.

It seems more important for me to write about changes that are taking place in my life. I am realizing that healing is possible. I am working through grief. I am finding that somatic movement (Nia, a somatic dance practice) is helping me to move trauma that remains in my body. Also, I am accepting that I will always live with Post Traumatic Stress and that there will be flashbacks, triggers that come up from time to time. I am learning to accept this about myself.

I am wanting to do more with my book, The Journey Back to Myself: A Book of Healing Poetry, Second Edition. I am realizing that my book, my truth would be beneficial to those who are professors, teachers, medical professionals, law enforcement professionals, politicians and every body who is healing from something. Every one is healing from something and there is a poem for every body in my book. It’s not just about what happened to me. It’s about feeling to heal, courage, strength, shining light in the darkness, expression of feelings and becoming an empowered warrior.

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