What is a Warrior

A warrior is a human being who accepts

the call and walks the long, arduous path

of reaching one’s full potential.

A Warrior speaks their truth.

A Warrior goes into darkness and light.

A Warrior is someone that has honor,

courage. commitment & integrity

A Warrior goes into the abyss of truth.

A Warrior lives in faith.

A Warrior knows that she is creation,

that essence created her, that

she is spirit made manifested.

A Warrior heals and expands the tenderness of her heart.

A Warrior deals with loneliness, even though there never alone.

A Warrior aligns to virtues, values, purpose, not other human beings.

A Warrior is totally exposed.

A Warrior loves and lives in paradoxes, chaos, and conflict

A Warrior knows that each human being

is a mystery, is the end, never the mean

A Warrior is a human being who questions

all authority and all conventional

wisdom that is spoken in the course of her life.

A Warrior lives in risk.

A Warrior lives in uncertainty and a

warrior lives in the mystery of what is.

A Warrior knows that there is nothing

more important than each human beings experience of joy.

A warrior knows there short-comings makes

peace with her humanness, accepts and learns from her

failures, and begs for forgiveness of those

the Warrior as pained, wronged or let down.

A Warrior is someone that will not leave

other warriors behind. If the Warrior is hurt the Warrior will

carry them.

 If the Warrior cannot carry the Warrior will dang them.

A Warrior will help them to face their

enemies, to include the demons from within.

A Warrior is a human being who understands

and explores all worldviews, all religions, all cultures, all

histories, and all legacies of WISDOM to

understand fully what it is to be a human being.

A Warrior know what to contribute.

A Warrior leaves generations to come strong,

universal, and life-affirming foundations.

A Warrior is someone who explores the

inner world and the external world, integrating both.

A Warrior is someone who focuses on “what” they are as a human being.

A Warrior is someone who loves fully as possible.

A Warrior is someone who understands

there needs and is fearless in telling others that they are at risk

of being vulnerable.

A Warrior knows when to let the silence speak.

A Warrior is fearless in living.

A Warrior knows their gifts and develops them throughout their life.

A Warrior knows suffering.

A Warrior is not afraid of suffering but expects it.

A Warrior learns from suffering.

A Warrior learns to find joy in both suffering and bliss.

A Warrior knows love as both intimacy and rapture.


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