During the night wake up

Shaking and crying from nightmares,

Feel like they are here

 and it is happening again,

Am feeling terrified, alone, and hurt.

Decide that I need to talk to someone,

Pick up the phone and call crisis line,

The lady on the other end of phone

Asks me to take some deep breaths,

I start to breathe and

 start to cry more,

I am getting in touch

with the feelings,

I am sitting on the

 floor in my bedroom,

I feel my leg shaking,

Then my whole body

starts to shake,

And the tears are streaming

 down my face

I take another breathe,

I do not want to take that breathe,

But I do any ways.

I am sitting in the chair

 in my therapist’s office,

I start to tell her what

 has happened to me

She is there for me,

She is listening to me,

She tells me to breathe deeply,

I am hesitant at first

because I know I will cry,

She tells me that it is okay to cry

And to keep breathing into the pain,


That feeling is the only

way to work through this.

I do not want to breathe into the pain

But I listen to her and trust her

Breathing deeply helps me to stay in my

Body and express the feelings that I need to

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