Breaking Free

Breaking free of their power,

Breaking free of their shame,

Breaking free to heal myself,

Breaking free to come back into my body,

Breaking free to speak my truth,

Every day, I am breaking free,
Each and every day I am saying, “You no longer

Have control over my life.”

I have nothing to be ashamed of.

You six men where the ones that committed

A heinous crime and tried to destroy my life,

Well you have not succeeded in that,

I have told your secrets,

I am putting the shame and blame on you,

With each step I take, I am facing the pain

That I feel deep inside,

With each tear I cry, I am healing,

I am putting the shame where it belongs,

And standing in my power,

I am coming back into my body,

No longer am afraid of you,

And I will continue to tell what you six men did to me,

I am an empowered Warrior who is now coming

After you and making sure that society knows

The damage that rape, victim blaming, does to the survivor,

Every step on this journey has mattered,

Every tear, rage, depression, flashback, nightmare, cut and burn

As led me to where I know am,

I have more power then you will ever have and

I stand in my power of being a female goddess and empowered Warrior


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