Breaking Free

Breaking free of their power,

Breaking free of their shame,

Breaking free to heal myself,

Breaking free to come back into my body,

Breaking free to speak my truth,

Every day, I am breaking free,
Each and every day I am saying, “You no longer

Have control over my life.”

I have nothing to be ashamed of.

You six men where the ones that committed

A heinous crime and tried to destroy my life,

Well you have not succeeded in that,

I have told your secrets,

I am putting the shame and blame on you,

With each step I take, I am facing the pain

That I feel deep inside,

With each tear I cry, I am healing,

I am putting the shame where it belongs,

And standing in my power,

I am coming back into my body,

No longer am afraid of you,

And I will continue to tell what you six men did to me,

I am an empowered Warrior who is now coming

After you and making sure that society knows

The damage that rape, victim blaming, does to the survivor,

Every step on this journey has mattered,

Every tear, rage, depression, flashback, nightmare, cut and burn

As led me to where I know am,

I have more power then you will ever have and

I stand in my power of being a female goddess and empowered Warrior




During the night wake up

Shaking and crying from nightmares,

Feel like they are here

 and it is happening again,

Am feeling terrified, alone, and hurt.

Decide that I need to talk to someone,

Pick up the phone and call crisis line,

The lady on the other end of phone

Asks me to take some deep breaths,

I start to breathe and

 start to cry more,

I am getting in touch

with the feelings,

I am sitting on the

 floor in my bedroom,

I feel my leg shaking,

Then my whole body

starts to shake,

And the tears are streaming

 down my face

I take another breathe,

I do not want to take that breathe,

But I do any ways.

I am sitting in the chair

 in my therapist’s office,

I start to tell her what

 has happened to me

She is there for me,

She is listening to me,

She tells me to breathe deeply,

I am hesitant at first

because I know I will cry,

She tells me that it is okay to cry

And to keep breathing into the pain,


That feeling is the only

way to work through this.

I do not want to breathe into the pain

But I listen to her and trust her

Breathing deeply helps me to stay in my

Body and express the feelings that I need to

Shine Your Light

In life there are many things that

Need light shined on them.

In my darkness you shine your light,

In my pain you shine your light,

When my grief comes to the forefront

You shine your light brightly,

When anger comes to the forefront,

You are there for me and do not judge me when I am angry.

When I am sad and isolating,

You hold me gently and allow me to cry on your shoulder,

When I am triggered, you are there for me

Shining brightly and showing me the way out.

Your mere presence helps me to know that I

Am not alone and your light shines brightly,

When my hope disappears you shine your light,

When I feel stuck in old memories,

You shine your light so brightly that I,

Reach out and take your hand, you guide me back to myself.

You gently remind me that I have a birthright to

Be happy, take up space, and to live my life

You remind me that I have a

choice in very decision I make.

You are constantly there as a shining light.

Thank you!!

Mighty Blue Heron



First time I saw you,

I was kayaking on a lake

I paddled closer to

 see what you were,

You looked prehistoric to me,

You were camouflaged

on the tree branch

That had fallen into the water,

I looked at you and saw

 how magnificent you are,

I paddled even closer to you

 and you took flight,

I watched you fly across the lake

with your mighty wings.

I noticed the blue

feathers you had,

I was amazed with your

 power and beauty.

The second time I saw you,

I was kayaking down

 the Potomac River

You moved your

head and watched me

Paddle down the river,

I watched you take

 flight and you flew

Past me on the river,

Once again I am in

awe of your beauty

You helped me to know

 that I had some one

Watching out for me

and I was not alone

On my healing journey.

I saw you three times

this past year,

You were my spirit guide as I

Was an on spiritual journey,

You let me know

 that I was not alone,

You were present while I

was coming home into my body,

You helped me to know

 that I am not alone

and reminded me of the beauty

That is in nature and in me.

You helped me to feel safe to feel.