Let Go


Let go, let go, let go,
Just let it go,
Let the tears come out,
Stop fighting the tears back,
Stop wearing different masks,
Let yourself be seen,
Let yourself be the real you,
Say the words,
Let your therapist be there for you,
Let your support system be there for you,

Let yourself ask for what you need,
Let go of the shame,
Let go of the rage,
Let go of the grief,
Let go of the hatred towards yourself,
Let yourself say the words and cry,
Face your fears,
Face the grief,
Just let it go,
It’s okay to be real and to be seen,
It’s okay to ask for help,
It’s okay to cry,
It’s okay to just let the pain go,
Let it all go,
It’s your choice!!!
You choose how and when to let go
Today is the best day to just let it go.