Heart Warrior


I have been through a lot of pain and suffering,

I have physical scars that can be seen,

I have emotional scars that cannot be seen,

Many tears have fell from my cheeks,

I have felt so much rage and grief,

However, I have picked myself up,

Fought the next battle,

And continue on my healing path.


I am an empowered heart Warrior that is standing strong,

I am a heart Warrior that is putting her life back together piece by piece,

I have compassion for every living being and compassion for myself.

I am loving and a Heart Warrior that shares

Her love with the world and those close to me


I am strong and victorious,

I shout my truth,

I feel my feelings,

I help others to know that they are also Heart Warriors.


I will never quit,

I will never surrender,

I will continue on this path of healing no matter what.





The Journey Back to Myself

You want me to become aware

Of what my ankle, knee and lower back are saying?

You want me to stay in my body?

You want me to feel my feelings?

You want me to say what I need to say?

You want me to tell my truth?

Are you kidding me?

You want me to stay connected to myself, my body

And my feelings?

Why would I do that?

I used to scream.

You tell me that I am safe,

That there is no reason to

Disconnect any more,

That you are there for me as I become

Aware of my feelings and body,

It takes tremendous strength for me to

look deep inside of myself

Where there are dark shadows,

But my shadows are demanding that light

Shown on them,

There is no reason to hide any more,

There is no reason to remain silent any more,


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Healing My Heart and Body


My life and heart was shattered into a thousand of pieces,

Step by step I am putting the pieces of my heart back together,

Every day I am learning that I can heal myself,

That I am becoming so much more then what they did to me,

They tried to destroy me,

But they did not succeed,

They turned me into a Warrior that is telling her truth and is Rising!!


Some days are better than others,

There are days when I cry,

There are days when I am filled with anger, rage, and fear,

However, I am refuse to stay stuck,

I am continuing to heal,

I am being gentle with my heart and my body,

I keep coming back to my heart and body every day and ask

what do you need from me today?


As I journey down this path of healing, I allow myself to feel the feelings I need to feel,

I keep telling my truth to those who choose to listen,

I am an empowered goddess and Warrior who is listening to her heart and body,

And starting to truly believe that what happened to me was not my fault.


I am letting go of the shame,

Letting go of the grief,

I am letting go of images and old messages that no longer serve me,

I am allowing this deep healing to get to every cell of my heart.

And allowing this deep healing to take place inside of my body.


I am learning to love myself again,

I am learning to love my body again,

I am learning that my body is my body.