Tears Fill My Eyes

Tears fill my eyes,

Another senseless act of violence

That took innocent lives,

I cannot comprehend why

there is so much hate in our world,

cannot understand why people hate each

other so much,

Cannot understand why no one

does anything to stop these senseless acts,

Why can no one hear what the survivor

is saying loud and clear?

Why can no hear the children’s screams?

Why can no hear the teachers cry?

Why does no hear the grieving mother,

father, aunt, uncle, brother, sister,

aunt, uncle, grandma, grandfather?

Why does not hear the first responders cry?

Those in charge could do something

but choose to do nothing,

Those in charge choose profits,

over priceless lives,

Anger and Grief is all I feel

What is it going to take

to stop violent acts of all kinds?

All I can do is cry.

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