Betrayed at 11 Years Old


You told me that your

Mom was home but all

That was, was a lie,

Many feelings of betrayal,

Feelings of shame, guilt,

of loss, fear, grief, anxiety,

At times I have thought that I must have done

Something to cause you to hurt me the way you did,

That there must be sometime deeply wrong with me

And I must have a sign on my forehead

That says, here molest me,

But then I realize that you are the one

That has something wrong with you,


I froze,

I left my body and went

Somewhere far away,

My body betrayed me by

Responding to what you were doing

To me,

I wanted nothing to

Do with what you were doing to me.

I felt my body and went some where

Far away,

I was sobbing and you did not care


You took so much away

from me that day,

You took my innocence,

You took my child hood,

You took my self-worth

You took my self-esteem,

You took my trust in men,

You took my trust in friends,

You threatened to kill me

If I ever spoke of what you

Did to me,

You have caused so much

Pain, anger, grief, fear, self-harm

Flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety

Suicidal thoughts.


I have started to take my

Power back from you,

I have started to realize

How you groomed me,

I have realized how you

Set me up to be molested by you,


I have started to talk about

the deep betrayal that I have felt,

I am telling what you did to me,

I have realized that the

Shame I feel is not mine,

I do not have to hate my body,

I can come back to my body,

I do not have to stay out of my body,

I am safe coming back to myself,

That I could love my body again,

That my body is my body,

I choose what happens with to my body,


I can express my true feelings

I can sound and tell my truth

I can feel the feelings

That I need to feel.

I can express the feelings

That I need to express.

I can and will continue

To tell what you did to me

And I will be free from you.



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