Sensing Ankle

I know you are there,
when you scream so loud,
I am paying attention to you,
When the pain starts,
It takes me back to when,
I fell down the stairs at UC
And broke you,
You remind me of all of
The pain from UC,
Somehow all of the trauma
Has gotten held in you,
Now I touch you,
I feel you throbbing with pain,
I feel the tears well up inside of me,
I feel the nightmares and flashbacks
Coming to the surface,

I feel the anger about what happened
That night in the dorm room,
I know there is still pain that I have
To express,
I know there are things
That I still need to talk about,
I know that I have anger from
The police doing nothing,

I know that my life changed forever

On October 17, 1997,
I know there are many
Let tears that need to come out,
You let me know that I need to
Forgive myself for drinking,
I did not ask for what happened,
It’s not my fault what they did to me.
I did not choose any thing that happened
That night,

I have taken time to stay off of you,
I have allowed myself to cry
I have told you that I love you
And hear what you are telling me
Please stop hurting.
I am protecting you now.
I am listening to you now.