At My Limit

At my limit and I can not take another thing. This past year, my mom has undergone chemotherapy treatment, went to the hospital several times for her metastatic breast cancer, been severely sick. My grandmother was put in the hospital for UTI infection that caused her to go crazy. Then she was admitted to behavior unit. We brought her home, next thing we know is that she fell and broke her hip.

Fast forward through the year, these past two months her dementia has become worse which caused her to be admitted to the hospital. She would not eat or drink so she was transferred to hospice. She got a little bit better in Hospice and know is in a nursing home.

Yesterday, I was almost killed when the engine in a Hyundai Sontana froze up. So now I am dealing with this and I am just emotionally done. We have not even bothered to put the Christmas tree this year. No one in my family is feeling the holiday and actually we could care less.  I am emotionally exhausted and tired of this crap.

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