14 Year Olds Cannot Consent

Child_Victims_Often_Know_The_Perpetrator 122016

No matter how GOP wants to spin this, children cannot consent to have sex with an adult. There is a name for this behavior it is called pedophile, sexual abuse, molestation, sexual assault and rape.

My story:

I was raped by a 16 year old.  He invited me and two of my friends over to his house. He showed us porn, asked us to play sex dare, when we all said no he pressured us. He made me give him oral sex and then raped me. After he raped me, he threatened to kill me and my family if I told anyone. So I know first hand that no child can consent to having sex with a teenager or an adult.   Children do not know any thing about sex. I know this because I was innocent and have not been involved with sex. I had no idea what oral sex was or what sex was. I did not know what sex was. All I know is that I was forced to do things against my will.

Children cannot consent it’s that plain and simple. When a teenager or adult forces a child to have sex that is rape, sexual assault, incest, and molestation. These people deserve to be in jail plain and simple.

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