Nightmares, you come during the night,

You seem so real,

I am I scared,

I feel like it is happening all over again,

I am shaking,

I cannot catch my breath,

I am sobbing,

I wake up yelling,

I feel like they are here and it is happening again,

I am afraid to go back to sleep,

I keep replaying what happened to me

Over and over again.

I start crying again because the grief I

Feel is so real.

The memories are real

The flashbacks are real

This really did happen to me,

They decided to take what I had not offered,

Know I am haunted at night,

No one did anything to the six men

That raped me,

My brain will not let me forget,

The nightmares are so real,

The feelings are real,

I am edgy all day because I was not

Able to go back to sleep.

I am distant from my family and friends,

I do not feel like myself.

I am tearful

I am angry

I just want the nightmares to stop,

I want the pain to stop.

I want to scream and punch something.

I want someone to hold me and

Let me cry.

I want this to be over

I am sick of nightmares.

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