Please read this poem. It’s a must read.

The Journey Back to Myself

Look around and all you see is a huge ship,

There are tons of people but no one that

Wants to hear your pain or to help you,

Get out further to sea and all you see

Is the deep blue ocean,

The waves rock the ship and the

Waves that are inside of you,

Come crashing in on you,

There is nowhere to go, no one to talk to

So the only place your have is to turn

To writing in this journal,

To get the thoughts and feelings out,

When you lay in your rack at night,

All you do is cry,

The nightmares and flashbacks come back

But what are you going to do when

You are stuck on a huge ship, in the middle

Of the ocean where there is no one

To talk to,

No one that cares,

Trying so hard to be

the Sailor…

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