Storm: Mighty Horse

I met you one day in June when

Me and my friends came from the

Healing retreat, I was on.

You were in your stall in the barn,

I saw how beautiful you were and

I was drawn to come meet you.


I found that you were a mighty horse

Whose name is Storm,

Your head was covered with

A mask because you were hurt,

I related to you since I was used to wearing

A mask to protect myself,

I saw the beauty that was inside of you

Through the mask you was wearing.

I came over and started touching you,

You loved the attention that I was giving you,

We connected on an emotional level that day.


The next time I saw you, I was very upset

And very emotional from having a challenging day.

I came to stand beside you

And you put your head over my shoulder

You were there for me and comforted me,

You helped me to heal that day by just being

A magnificent horse and being my friend.

I started crying more and was glad that you were


You saw into me and provided a safe

Place for me to feel what I was feeling.




Copyrighted 2016. All Rights are Reserved

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