I Trusted You, #truestory #poem #child

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I Trusted You

I thought I knew you,

Thought that you were my friend,

I thought that I could trust you,

I looked up to you,


I did not know what porn was,

I did not know anything about sex,

I did not know what violence was,

I was an innocent child,


I did not understand what you

Were doing to me,

I was terrified and scared,

I was crying and you did not care,

I did not want you to do what you did to me,

You do not realize what you have done

To me and what this has cost me,


A few days go by,

And I am still afraid,

I have not said a word about

What you did to me,

I do not want to tell anyone,

I do not want to talk about

What you did to me,


A couple of months go by

The shame I feel is getting worse,

The tears are getting harder to hide,

I want to make this all go away,

I do not want to tell anyone

It’s getting harder to hide the pain,


I must have done something to

Deserve you hurting me like this,

I am afraid of running into you again,

I do not want to near a boy again,

I do not want to trust a boy again,

I do not want to be touched again,

I hold the pain deep inside


You will never know

What you did to me and

How what you did changed my

Life forever that day.


Take three deep breaths,

Close your eyes,

Feel your feet on the Earth,

Feel your heart beating,

Feel the rise and fall of your chest,

Smell the fresh air,

Come back into your body,

Your body is your sacred home,

Your body is yours,

You choose what you do with your body,

You can feel safe being in your body,

Your body is your home,

Your body is where you belong,

You are safe to be who you are,

You can love who you are,

And love your body,

You are free to support yourself,

You are free to help others,

Your friends are always with you,

They are showing you how

to stay in your body,

Reach out for them,

Stay connected to your body,

You are safe in your body



Copyrighted 2016 by Julie Jewels Smoot. All Rights are Reserved