Becoming One With Myself

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Let Go

Take some deep breaths,

Feel your feet on the floor,

Take some deep breaths,

Feel your inhale and exhale,

Look at what all is around you


Realize that you have grown and changed,

There is no need to hold on to your past any more,

You know what direction you are going in

And the trauma from your past has held you long enough,

It’s time to start living,

It’s time to say enough pain,

It’s time to love yourself,


The past is no longer serving me,

I do not need this pain any more,

I am much stronger than them,

I am a brave, strong, compassionate Warrior

Who knows where she wants to take her life.


Today is the day that we let go.



Look inside of yourself,

Listen to this little girl that is only 11,

Still terrified, ashamed, hurt, angry betrayed,

She feels alone,

She wants someone to hold her,

I try to comfort her

Try to give her a voice,

Tell her that it is safe to tell her story

Still afraid of the threat that he made

Afraid to say the words,

I need to be held, to cry,

To be told that it was not your fault.

Trying to give that little girl

Inside of me a voice.

I cannot believe that I have been raped

Five other times.